Healthy Snacks Students Can Keep in Their Dorm Room

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Just because a student wants to snack doesn't mean they have to do so in an unhealthy way. Learn about healthy snacks students can keep in their dorm with help from a professor at the University of Idaho in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is SeAnne Safaii, a registered dietician. I'm here today to talk to you about healthy snacks students can take and have in their dorm rooms. It's about that time when students are heading back to college and one of the biggest challenges especially for freshmen is to not pack on that freshman five. So we're going to talk about some healthy things that you can keep in your dorm room that take refrigeration or don't take refrigeration. I'm going to give you an option and so a lot of, most dorms anymore have refrigerators. If you don't have a refrigerator there's a couple of great snacks to always have on hand that are low calorie, high fiber and just a good snack while you're studying and the first and one of my favorites, I keep these in my office drawers are rice cakes. These rice cakes, there are about 13 here and they've only got about 110 calories. They are great snacks, a great late night snack when you're up studying and you get the munchies and these ones in particular are caramel flavored, my favorites, only 110 calories and no fat, just a trace amount of fat, so a great snack for students who are living in their dorms and then let's not forget popcorn. You can buy cases of these and keep them under your bed in your dorm room. They don't need any refrigeration. I just pop them in the microwave. They are a great source of fiber, you can buy the low fat types of popcorn and they're just a great all around low calorie munchies for late night studying. So keep these on hand. And then I think one of the greatest inventions in the last ten years are the new little flavor packets that you can add to water. Water, keeping bottled water is just a wonderful thing to do in a dorm room, kids do not get enough water so keep water handy. You don't necessarily have to have it refrigerated and then just add one of these flavor packs and you've got a great drink. You don't have to rely on the vending machine. This one that I have today is just an ice tea, simply add it, no calories. It just provides a little tiny bit of flavor to my water, shake it up and there you go, flavored water. Now for those of you who have refrigeration, one of the biggest problems with eating and going to college is that your fruit and vegetable consumption goes down and we rely on things like Ramen noodles and fast food. So I recommend in order to have your five, at least five fruits and vegetables a day which is what we need, especially to keep healthy and just be able to have the energy and fight off the flue season that comes in the Fall, you want to be able to study for exams and keep healthy, I recommend having five fruits and vegetables a day. Now, there are some things that don't need refrigeration like apples, bananas, grapes, they can last a day or two, strawberries do need to be refrigerated and I've got blueberries here but they can easily be placed in your little mini refrig in your dorm. And again one of my favorites are these little baby carrots. They come like this with dip and you also can find apples with caramel. So there you have it, healthy dorm food.


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