Nutrition in Curry Dishes

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Curry is a product that is found from curcumin, which is an anti-oxidant. Learn about the nutrition in curry dishes with help from a professor at the University of Idaho in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm SeAnne Safaii-Fabiano, registered dietitian, here to talk to you today about the nutrition in curry dishes. So,curry is a product that is found from curcumin, which is a very, very strong anti-oxidant. And curcumin and curry are very powerful, they're powerful anti-oxidants that we want to add in as much food as possible. Because they've been linked to the brain, and they've also been linked in some instances to preventing Alzheimer's disease. so, it's got a, the curry has a unique taste. So, unless you like Indian food, sometimes we wonder what to put it in. Today, I'm going to be making a very, very simple curry tuna salad wrap, that we can make very simple, very easy to make. In fact, there's only, only requires five ingredients, and you can add some others, if you'd like and then, a tortilla. So, the first ingredient is tuna, and this tuna is in water, because I don't like the extra calories from oil. Water packed tuna, I'm going to add it to my bowl. So, that was one, five ounce can of tuna. now, I'm going to add, traditionally, tuna salads use mayonnaise, but I like to use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. And the reason I like to use Greek yogurt, is it's very creamy, it's very rich. It gives a very nice, creamy and a little bit of a bite to the tuna fish. And so, it's very thick, it's not your normal looking yogurt, and it's a little bit higher in protein as well. The next ingredient is our magic curry powder, we add about one-fourth of a teaspoon, see how beautiful and yellow it is. And now, I'd like to add pepper to taste. Then, we're going to mix it all up, you can also add things like celery to this, if you'd like. Now, I like spinach on my wraps, so I've got a lot of spinach here, making a delicious salad. I also like little baby tomatoes, you can use sliced tomatoes, if you'd like, they're so sweet and tasty, high in lycopene and other anti-oxidants. There you have. Now, we're just going to pour this on. Now, you can warm this up, if you like warm tuna, I like mine cold. There you have, that's a wrap.


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