Yogurt Sundaes for Kids

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There are few better treats for kids than a nice, delicious yogurt sundae. Make yogurt sundaes for kids with help from a practicing physician, speaker and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Dr. Theresa Ramsey for eHow.com, and today we're going to make yogurt sundaes for kids. There's a lot of different types of yogurt out there and you can get your favorite yogurt and bring it home and play with all the fun ingredients with your kids or you can simply freeze your favorite yogurt, perhaps a Greek yogurt that has a higher nutritional value. It just has to sit at room temperature so you can actually scoop it because it gets pretty hard. So be creative with what yogurt you choose and try to choose the healthiest ones for your kids. Always serve in a really fun bowl, gets them involved and cheerful when they come to use yogurt rather than ice cream and provide a lot of toppings for them to choose from. So we start with some nuts and sunflower seeds, kids may or may not like. Peanuts they typically do like so we'll put some peanuts on and sometimes macadamia nuts. The macadamia nuts make a nice addition to the flavor, especially when they are chopped up. When they are small they are more appealing to children. Then we want to put some fruit on it. So I think I'll put some bananas. Bananas go beautiful with, this is a vanilla Greek yogurt and some blueberries, gives it color, more antioxidants, a little bit more texture. And then we can't forget the last ingredient, the ingredient that makes a sundae a sundae and that's chocolate syrup. So we can give kids individual chocolate syrup sizes so they don't over pour, that would be a suggestion I would make unless we're making it for them because most kids would pour this whole thing on top. So you want to be gentle with the chocolate, make sure there's enough for everybody and wallah, we have a yogurt sundae that children will love.


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