Weight Loss With Yogurt, Nuts & Salad

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Yogurt, nuts and salad are three foods that can really help with weight loss. Learn about weight loss with yogurt, nuts and salad with help from a practicing physician, speaker and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Theresa Ramsey for eHow.com, talking today about weight loss with yogurt, nuts and salad. We all know that salad helps us lose weight, but when we add nuts and yogurt to it, it increases our weight loss potential because we're more satisfied, and we have higher protein and higher oils. Nuts give us oils, and we know there's good and bad fats. The good fats are efficient burners, the bad fats will put weight on us. All nuts have good fats. So we'll start with making our dressing, and the dressing is the base is made from yogurt. The most nutritious yogurt you can use is Greek yogurt. True Greek yogurt from Greece. The two brands that are available everywhere, that come from Greece are called Oikos and FAGE. So we have some plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, that we start out with. We put it into our blender. Our Magic Bullet blender. Next ingredient we'll add is some olive oil. Olive oil is helpful for weight loss. Some people want to avoid fats to lose weight, but when we avoid fat, we break down our cells, and our cells become less efficient, and we want to have the oil in our diets. No fat diets put weight on. The next is Dijon mustard, about a teaspoon. Next would be some honey to give it some sweetness and some thickness as well. And you can use honey, or agave, that brings the glycemic load down. But again, the fuller the flavor, the more satisfied we are for longer times. And lastly, some apple cider vinegar. We can add to your taste also some fresh ground pepper, and some salt, again, we wanna make sure it's a healthy salt, sea salt or real salt. Not table salt, that is white and bleached, and ridden, all of the minerals are taken out of that salt. So we have our dressing. We'll blend that together, shake it up. And these you can make ahead of time, keep them in your refrigerator. Whenever you make your own salad dressing, you know every ingredient in it, the type of oils that are used, et cetera. So we have our, our very healthy dressing, made with yogurt, and we just pour it on to our salad as heavy or light as you like it. And before we toss, we wanna make sure we get some of those good nuts on our salad. And the one thing we know, if you've ever seen a walnut, walnuts look just like a brain, and it has oils specifically that nutrify the brain. sometimes our cravings don't come from our stomach and our hunger, but more from our mind. So if we saturate the oils for our brain significantly, we're gonna have less cravings overall. So I like to put walnuts into my salad. And, I like to roast them, I like to roast all of my nuts on a dry cookie sheet, to make them a little bit brown. What that does is makes the flavor richer, brings out the sweetness of the nuts. We'll put on some pecans as well, and we'll toss together this beautiful salad that has the yogurt and the nuts and the salad all together, and if we eat this, if we eat this for one meal a day, and add it to other meals throughout the day, we're going to start seeing us, our bodies shed those pounds that we want to. So, this is weight loss with yogurt, nuts and salad.


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