Healthy Lunch for Expecting Moms

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It's always important to eat healthy, but it is especially so when you're an expecting mom. Learn about a healthy lunch for expecting moms with help from a practicing physician, speaker and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Theresa Ramsey for, and I'm here to share with you healthy lunches for expecting moms. We know that pregnant women need high calcium, high fiber, good oils, to stay healthy through their whole pregnancy. This meal encompasses all of that. So we're going to make wraps that you can put either chicken or tofu in with vegetables. I chose to use tofu due to the high calcium content of tofu. So to make our sauce, first, an we're going to use our Magic Bullet again to blend all of our ingredients together. We'll use half a cup of stir fry sauce, one tablespoon of cooking sherry, one teaspoon of arrowroot flower or you can use cornstarch. I like to get away from corn products as much as possible, whoops, then we have two tablespoons of soy sauce, one teaspoon of ginger, makes a very flavorful and tasty meal as well. And lastly we put in some erythritol which is a sugar alcohol. It doesn't increase glucose but makes it sweet. So we blend all of these ingredients in our Magic Bullet, shake it up a bit and blend a little bit more. So we let this sit while we prepare the rest of the meal. We're going to take our onions and garlic and tofu and cook them. So we start with a couple tablespoons of sesame oil of course to make this very aromatic and we just get that warm and the first thing we want to heat up is our onions. We want to get them nice and soft. You don't want to overcook them, just get them to a translucent state. It just takes a minute or so. It starts to make the whole kitchen smell beautiful and once the onions are nice and golden, you add in the garlic. You never want to overcook garlic because the burnt garlic will ruin any meal. So we have our onions and we have our garlic, nice and soft and then we add in our protein. I chose tofu, you can use chicken, you can use beef, any protein that you want and we mix them all together. After this is nice and warm we want to add our sauce onto it and because of the arrowroot flour in there it makes it nice and thick. So we'll let that keep warming and we'll add our sauce that we've already pre-prepared, pour this sauce on and then we get to make our delicious lettuce wraps with this. So we just mix all of the ingredients together, get them coated nicely and let them cook for a little while because it will thicken nicely this sauce. It won't be very runny at all and then we are ready to make our lettuce wraps. So we will go back and put these wraps together and show you how beautiful and healthy they are. We have now our lettuce wraps, any lettuce will do and what we want to do is fill them with what we like and chose some of the high calcium foods that we can put in there like almonds makes it nice and crunchy and our bean sprouts and for oils we have the avocado. So, I'll go ahead and put the tofu into the lettuce wraps, just layer them in nicely. These are really fun to make and to eat. You can make them as a snack or a full meal and once you have them all filled with your protein, the last step is to dress them up. So we put a little bit of our bean sprouts. We put a little bit of our almonds, makes it nice and crunchy, nice oils in almonds as well, protein, fiber and lastly, we want to put some nice pieces of avocado on there to give it that beautiful oil that we need when we're pregnant. Another thing to remember for moms who have babies in their bellies is to stay very hydrated. We stay hydrated for us and for the baby. And something that we can do for water to help us become more hydrated, is to add minerals to our water. You can find these at any health food store, a few drops to a large glass of water gives you plenty of minerals for your body for you and the baby. Staying hydrated and eating healthy and here is a healthy lunch for expecting moms.


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