Cheerleading Games for Teens

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There are a number of different games that teens can play while learning to be cheerleaders. Learn about cheerleading games for teens with help from a dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stephanie Prosenjak from Cherry Creek Dance, here to give you a few games for teens in cheerleading. The first one is sequence a game, it's good for memorization. One girl, you would start in a circle, one cheerleader would start by doing a couple of cheer moves. The next person would do her cheer moves, plus her own cheer moves, the third person would do the first two and add on. So, it's a really good memorization game. Then, once it gets to the last person, you can do a contest of who can memorize all the movements the best. The next game is an endurance game. You split the group in half, you have one, either a cheerleader or a coach step out and they're the caller for the game. The game, you can pick different words, it could be ones and twos, reds and blues, orange and purple, whatever you'd like. So, when the coach calls one, the ones run down to the twos. The last one, that gets there, that couple is out, that one and two are out. So, it's a process of elimination, you could do this by skipping, running, hopping, cart wheeling, leaping, doing strength endurance, whatever exercise you want to kind of drill. So, hopefully, these game tips have been great for you, and I'm Stephanie Prosenjak from Cherry Creek Dance.


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