Games to Use During Cheerleading Practices

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Certain games can be great for strengthening the team dynamic during cheerleading practices. Find out about games to use during cheerleading practices with help from a dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stephanie Prosenjack from Cherry Creek Dance here to give you a few games to play during cheerleading practice. I have three games. The first one is an introduction name so this is great for the beginning of the season if kids don't know each other or if you are going off to camp and you're meeting new kids. You start in a circle, one person says their name along with a movement, the next person says that person's name plus their name with a movement and so on, all the way around the circle. The next game is the same type of pattern, you sit in a circle and you do a clapping or a snapping rhythm and add on, add on, add on. The last game is a good game for strength and endurance. It's a running game. You pick a partner, you separate on different sides of the room and you pick two words. It could be orange juice and milk. It could be red and blue. You can pick two different names. You have a captain that comes up with that name and then you have one person calling the game so that could be a cheerleader member or a coach or a parent or what have you. That person calls the name out, they run to the end, the last person there, that team is out and it just narrows down to the winning team. And those are the games that I have to share with you on what to do during cheerleading practice. I'm Stephanie Prosenjack from Cherry Creek Dance.


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