How to Delete Wininit.exe

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Deleting Wininit.exe requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Learn how to delete Wininit.exe with help from a professional and experienced software engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mathew Pierce. I'm a software engineer, and today I'd like to talk with you about the Wininit.exe virus. Now the Wininit.exe virus is not really a virus. There's a Wininit.exe file that's a legitimate process that runs on Windows, it needs to be there. But it can get infected with trojans and whatnot. So if you look on your computer, you'll see that there's lots of Wininit.exe files. You can't get rid of them. If you do, you'd be visited by the bluescreen of death or have other problems. So you really have to know what you're doing and it's best not to do this yourself. You want to use one of the freely available Malware tools or anti Malware tools that can intelligently handle this for you and not mess up your system. And there's one in particular that works really well for this one, it's called Avast. It's available online for free, there's a free version that you can get, and it's got some nifty features. You can get a paid version and it has other things. The free version is all you need. And then there's a few others like Super Anti Spyware, Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy and SpyHunter. These all do really good jobs and will do everything you need to get the Malware off your PC. Especially Avast. Avast is one that I've heard that really knows how to handle this. So you can go to the Internet and download these. They're freely available, install them right in your system. Then when you do, when you install them, you're going to want to update their anti virus or their virus definitions and you want to let it do that. They're going to automatically do that. But once they get done, they're going to want to disinfect the system, but you don't want to let them do that yet. You want to get them all installed, all updated and ready to go, then what you want to do is reboot into safe mode. To reboot in safe mode, you reboot your computer and as it's coming up, you tap the F8 key repeatedly and you'll be presented with a screen like this that has various boot options that'll give you the chance to boot up in safe mode with networking with networking or safe mode command prompt. But just pick safe mode because that's the one that you want to use. Then once it comes up in safe mode, then you're going to want to run each of your tools on your system in safe mode to disinfect it. Now for instance, you started with Super Anti Spyware, you're going to want to do a complete scan. Each one of these tools is going to give you the option to do a complete scan or a quick scan or some other custom scan. Don't do that. Just go with the complete scan and have it completely go through your system. Now it's going to take some time to do that. You might want to go off and do something while it's running, but just check back periodically to see how it's doing. When it gets done with its job it's going to present you with a list with what it found and how to get rid of it and if it found the Wininit.exe virus, it'll be in there, listed as whatever it is like the back door wolf or maybe some other trojan that masquerades as it. It's going to give you a list of recommendations, how to take care of it, recommended actions. Take those actions and just let it get rid of it. When it gets done, it's going to want to reboot your system, don't let it do it. Just exit the tool, start the next one, go through the same process all again. Do a complete scan. When you're done, then go ahead and reboot your system and it should come up nice and clean and be free of the Malware on your system. And at that point, you're going to want to remove some of the Malware or anti Malware applications that you put on there because they're going to be competing for your system resources. So just go to your control panels, go into uninstall programs and find the Malware or anti Malware applications that you installed and go ahead and delete them. You don't have a lot of programs to wade through, but you should find them. They're somewhere like there's Super Anti Spyware and just go through and remove it and get it back down to probably one or two and I would definitely recommend keeping Avast running because that's going to keep you safe against that, it's a really good application. And that way you have protection continuously and then make sure to hang on to those install packages that you had when you installed it because you can then reinstall right then, it's on your PC and update them in case you get infected again and get your PC disinfected. So I'm Mathew Pierce, today we talked about the Wininit.exe virus which really isn't a virus. Thanks for watching.


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