How to Remove the Asx/Wimad.gen Trojan

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The Asx/Wimad.gen trojan can do a lot of damage to your system if left unchecked. Learn how to remove the Asx/Wimad.gen trojan with help from a professional and experienced software engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mathew Pierce. I'm a software engineer, and today I want to talk with you about how to remove the Asx Wimad Trojan Malware from your PC. Now this is a piece of Malware or malicious software that infects files like .mp3 files and .wma files with the trojan Malware and then when you run those files or execute them with applicators like Windows Media Player, then it pops up that analog box and prompts the users to install other pieces of software and other Malware and it's pretty nasty stuff. It can damage a system, it can monitor your behavior, it can take over your PC, make it do bad things. So you want to get rid of it. Now chances are if you notice you have this on your PC, then you've got other unnoticed pieces of Malware on your PC that need to be gotten rid of. So I like to use what's called a shotgun approach, where I use multiple tools to go after the Malware and take it out in hopes of getting them as close to 100 percent covered as I can by the overlapping coverage of each individual tool. Now four of my favorite pieces of anti Malware software are Super Anti SpyWare, Malwarebytes, SpyBot Search and Destroy, and SpyHunter. These are all freely available on the Internet. You can get the free versions, which have everything you need to disinfect your system. There's paid versions that have some nifty features that you might like but you don't need them to disinfect a PC. You just download these things off the Internet and install them right there and they start disinfecting your PC. So what's going to happen is you'll want to install them and when they install they're going to want to update their anti virus definitions. And that's right. You need the latest and greatest but then after that they're going to want to run and disinfect your PC, but don't let them do that because what you want to do is you want your PC to be disinfected while it's in what's known as safe mode. To get it into safe mode, you want to reboot your PC then tap the F8 key repeatedly as it's coming up you'll be presented with the screen that gives you the various boot options. Choose safe mode, that way there's no network connectivity, you don't have any chance of a Malware getting back and phoning home for help. So you'll get it up and running and then once you're in safe mode, then one after the other you want to run these pieces of anti Malware software. Just start with any one of them, maybe Super Anti Malware and just let it run. It'll take it awhile. It'll run for depending on how big your hard drive is, could take it an hour, could take it more. But it'll come up with a list of what it found with some recommendations on how to get rid of it. Just take the recommendations and get rid of the Malware. Then when it's done it's going to want to reboot your system, but don't let it. Exit the tool, start the next one up and take that tool, let it run and do the same thing, disinfect your PC until it gets to where it wants to reboot, exit and do that all the way through to your last tool. Let the last tool reboot the system and then you should come up and your system should be nice and clean, any Malware should be gone and you should be good to go. At this point you'll want to uninstall some of those pieces of anti Malware software on your PC because they're all going to be competing with resources trying to protect your system, which will slow things down. So pick one. You went through, you looked at it, maybe you saw one you like, maybe you like the interface or maybe it found some obscure Malware that the other ones didn't find, maybe you want to keep it. Just let it run and it'll keep its anti virus database up to date. But keep the other packages too, the install packages, keep them on your PC in case you get infected again then you can install the rest of them, go back through this process and then you should be good to go and be able to keep your PC clean. So my name is Mat Pierce, today we talked about getting rid of the Asx Wimad Trojan from your PC. Thanks for watching.


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