How to Turn Off Antimalware Doctor From Startup

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Antimalware Doctor will automatically set itself to load as your computer starts up if you don't do something about it. Turn off Antimalware Doctor from startup with help from a professional and experienced software engineer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Matthew Pierce. I'm a software engineer and today I'm going to show you how to get rid of Antimalware Doctor from your PC. Now Antimalware Doctor is a piece of malicious software or malware. Specifically it's type is rogue antimalware or fake antimalware, also known as scareware because it tries to scare you into paying to have bogus viruses or trojans that it finds removed from you PC. It'll pop up a window saying it found a whole bunch of pieces of malware and for a subscription fee it'll get rid of them for you. Well it hasn't found anything. It's just this scareware that's trying to get you to do something. Now chances are, if you have a piece of malware on your system, that you know about, that there's other pieces there too, that you don't know about. Because they oftentimes they'll open up and they'll install other pieces of malware in your system and just have all sort of stuff growing there underneath the hood that you don't know about. So that's why I like to take an approach called a shotgun approach to getting rid of malware from the PC. And I like to do that using some of the freely available anti-malware tools out there. I like to use multiple because in the hopes that you get as close to 100% coverage as you can using these things. So 4 of my favorite ones that I like to use are: SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Spyhunter. Now these are all available freely on the Internet. You can Google for them and find them and download them and they have paid versions which have some really cool features that you might like but to disinfect your PC you don't need to pay for any features. You can just use the freely available ones for disinfecting purposes. So what you want to do is you want to download each one of them and install them on your PC. When you do that they're going to update their anti-virus definitions which is some information files that helps them detect viruses and malware on your PC. So let them do that and then they're going to want to run right away and disinfect your PC. But don't let them do that. What we want to do is we want to run them in what's known as safe mode. So you wan tot get them all installed, get them all updated and then reboot in safe mode. To reboot in safe mode you just reboot your system and tap the F8 key repeatedly as it's coming up and you'll be presented with a screen like this that has the different boot up options. You can do safe mode or safe mode with networking or safe mode with command prompt. Don't choose anything but safe mode. You don't want to have any network conectivity. You don't want to give these pieces of malware any chance to phone home and get extra help. So you come up in safe mode and at that point then you'll want to run one after the other. Each of these antimalware applications. You might just start with, say, SuperAntiSpyware, then go to Malwarebytes. But you want to let it run. It'll take it awhile, probably, it could be an hour, who knows. But you want your system to be clean, so let it run, it'll go until it completes scanning your system. It'll present you with a list of what it found and recommened actions. Take the actions that it recommends and let it disinfect your PC. And then when it's done it's going to want to reboot. Don't let it do that. Exit the tool, do the next one. You just want to do that with all of them. Let them all run to the point where they want to reboot. Don't let them until you get to the last tool. Then let it reboot your system and then your system should come up and be all nice and clean and not have any malware on it. And at that point you're going to want to remove some of those peices of antimalware software from your PC because they're all going to be competing for system resources, trying to protect your system and it's going to slow things down. So while you were disinfecting you might have saw one that you've found more problems than the other ones. And that might be the one you might want to leave running on your system. And that way you can either, it'll automatically update or you may have to manually update, but anyway you can keep an updated piece of antimalware software going. And then with the other ones you want to keep their install packages on your PC somewhere so if you do get reinfected some time in the future you can reinstall them right there, update them and go. And then that way you're set and you can keep your system clean. So I'm Matt Pierce, today we talked about: Getting Rid of Antimalware Doctor. Thanks for watching.


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