Different Curling Styles & Methods

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Different people require different curling styles and methods depending on their needs and preferences. Learn about different curling styles and methods with help from a fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Spence. I'm a Cosmetologist and I'm here at The Wedding Cottage Hawaii. I'm going to show you different curling iron techniques. Now, for this, we're going to just need a curling iron. The first technique I'm going to show you is to curl consistently all the way down. So, you're going to take the curling iron and you're going to start about the mid shaft of the hair and begin your curl, leaving the tail out. And holding that there for a few seconds and then pulling down to the next section right below that curl. This is allowing all of the hair to touch the, the hot iron as oppose to starting at the bottom and wrapping up. Moving down. So, if you want this curl consistent, like I said all the way to the bottom, you're going to work your way, open and close slightly so that those ends are inside that closure and then work your way down. So, that way, we have a curl all the way down. The second technique which is a really popular look right now is to do the same as I just showed you, starting in the mid shaft of the hair and working your way down. But, this time I'm not going to work all the way to the ends. I'm going to leave the ends a little bit straighter and then that's when you're just going to start to pull out. It's the same technique that we've used, but this way, we curled all the way down to the ends so that the curl is consistent and endless curled. Here, we did the same, the same technique, but we left the end out. I didn't curl as long on the ends so you have a little bit more of that looser look towards the end which is so popular. The next section, I'm going to show you, turn your curling iron now horizontal and very carefully getting those ends. See how you have that like that? That will create fish hooks. So, you want to loosely pull those end once you got it secured. And if anything falls out that's fine, you can go back and then just curl up. And this way we're going to create that look which is just straight all the way down to the bottom and it's just has a nice curl under. So then, this curl as you can see is just at the bottom. This last section, I'm going to turn the curling iron horizontal again, but upside down because we're going to flip it up. So, you can grab the hair and start to curl and then work those ends into the closure, again, so you don't get what's called fish hooks and then rolling up. So, you have the straight and the curled up. Holding for about ten seconds, loosely pulling it out like that will leave that curl flipped up. Here we did a consistent curl from the mid shaft all the way down to the end, leaving the curl iron in each section for the same amount of time. Here we did the mid shaft to the ends, but once we got to the end, we loosely pull it out a little bit quicker than we held it here so then that way we have a straighter end. Here we just did a horizontal curl, so we just go that little flip under. And then here we did the horizontal that flipped it up. I'm Summer Spence and I just showed you different curling techniques.


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