DIY Bridesmaid Hairstyles

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A bridesmaid can style her hair in a number of different ways depending on the specifics of the day. Learn about do it yourself bridesmaid hairstyles with help from a fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Spence, I'm a cosmetologist. I am here at the Wedding Cottage Hawaii, and I'm gonna show you how to do it yourself bridesmaid styles. For bridesmaids styles, you're going to use a rubber band, bobby pins, hairspray, a curling iron and a round brush. We're smoothing the ponytail. Trying to get all the flyaways smoothed down. Then we're going to flip the ponytail over to the right side, take a bobby pin, and secure that over. You wanna try to keep this as clean as possible. So really, watching where you put the bobby pin in, making sure that the location is still clean and there's no flyaways. And then, secure that pin, with the second one, criss-crossing like that. Then we have this section right in between, that is not pinned in place. We want to put a pin directly across the center, and then another one going in the opposite direction, criss-crossing. So we basically have a line of pins. So now we're taking the ponytail, and we're gonna flip it back over the bobby pins and over the rubber band. It's okay if this falls out at first, 'cause then we can just spray and smooth later. So we've brought this over and then twisted it in, and just to get a good base, I'm gonna start underneath with the bobby pin. And this we can all smooth over later if any pieces pop out. Just as long as you have the bulk of the hair over when you're pinning. So after bringing it back, then we twisted it in, and we put the pins in, securing the ponytail over this way and leaving out a little bit of a curl. After pinning it over here, we brought it over, twisted it, and then pinned. Then you can manipulate the bun part of it into whatever shape you want, and leaving this little curl. I'm Summer Spence, and I just showed you how to do a do it yourself bridesmaid style.


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