Hair Styling for the Mother of the Bride

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Hair styles are very important on a wedding day, but they are especially so for the mother of the bride. Find out about hair styling for the mother of the bride with help from a fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Spence. I'm a cosmetologist. I'm here at the Wedding Cottage Hawaii, and I'm going to show you how to do a mother of the bride hairstyle. For this mother of the bride style we're going to use a very small round brush because her hair is very short, a pomade, hairspray, curling iron and a blow dryer. I'm going to start with the blow dryer and I'm going to get the basic shape and direction of the style and I'm going to use my fingers for that portion. Now after I have the basic direction that the hair is going to be styled in, then I can use the round brush. I'm going to start with the back of the head and for a wedding I'm going to give it a little bit more volume than she might normally wear. I just rolled it up and pulled it out as I blow dried and then right here along the hairline behind the ear I did that and I pulled it forward and out. So it comes out just behind her ears from a front view. Then we're going to move to the crown of the head and I'm going to round brush backwards and I'm going to create a lot of volume right there and then right here along the sides I turned the brush on a vertical angle and round brushed back away from the face and then just took these little tiny really short pieces and laid them onto her cheekbone. And now we're moving to the top of the head and I'm going to continue to bring that hair back and up and then I'm going to pull the bangs and the fringe around towards the face and lightly frame the face. Now we're going to take the hairspray and just to ensure that this hair right here at the crown stays nice and full we're going to use the curling iron and just barely tip that curl back. We're doing it more for the volume than we are for the curl. Now that you have this curled you're going to take your miniature round brush and just do a little bit of backcombing. So now I have backcombed the entire top section of the head and before we smooth that out I'm going to use my fingers and lift up each section and spray that base. You want the style to last for hours. We're going to take less than a pea size of pomade, run it through the tips of your fingers so it's spread nice and evenly and then you're going to start to pick the curls in the direction of the hair, bring it back down to the style you had with the round brush, separating the curls and piecing that out. Be mindful to keep your pomade just on the tips of the hair and not near the scalp because any pomade near the scalp will begin to weigh the hair down. So using that pomade that I still have on my fingers I'm doing the detail work around her face and her ear, smooth out any frizz that you might see from the blow dryer, just give it a real fun sassy look. It might be a little bit more bold than you're used to wearing, but for the mother of the bride, she needs to stand out as well. And then spray and you're done. I'm Summer Spence and I just showed you how to do a style for the mother of the bride.


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