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One tool that is absolutely perfect for texturizing your hair is a carving comb. Learn about texturizing your hair with a carving comb with help from a fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Spence. I'm a Cosmetologist. I'm at The Wedding Cottage Hawaii and I'm going to show you how to use a carving comb. To texturize with a carving comb, you're going to need a carving comb, a regular comb and a spray bottle. Now, using a carving comb, you have to remember that you have a comb in your hand and you have a blade in your hand. So, do not get confused when you're combing and when you're cutting. So, starting with just the comb side, we're going to just texturize the front of her hair and give her some layers around her face. So, combing this forward into my hand, I'm going to use a small teeth of the comb. Holding between your fingers and holding kind of tightly, your'e going to take this section and go into the hair and begin to pull down. Now, combing forward again, finishing that section, it's always better with carving comb to take less to begin with and then to take too much at the beginning. So, we have the rest of this that we want to create kind of a C shape. So, taking the comb end and brushing down, see how easily that comes out. And then, give her some nice texture so when she styles her hair, she'll have piecy layers right through here. Now that we have the perimeter on this side, we're going to do this side to match. This side of her hair is a little bit thinner right here. So, take that into consideration when you're cutting. This is the length of her hair; so, we don't want to go and then cut that off because that is all the length that she has in the front section of her hair. So, going in with these little scraggly pieces, I'm going to take the small teeth again and just do like that. Now, that we have the perimeter of the hair, I'm going to section out using the comb, sectioning her bangs out this very front portion. I'm going to do a section just behind that and pull it up. Taking just this bottom section off, I'm going to go like this and it comes off very easily. If you have a sharp blade, make sure that that's the section you want to cut because it does slide to the hair very easily. And then, taking one more section back, we're blending this all the way back. So, what we did on the perimeter of the hair, we're moving back. Now, taking that section in the front that I combed out to begin with and left untouched, now I'm going to go down and just take off this little corner right here. Holding the comb down towards the section of the hair and pulling down and out. I'm not going to get anymore hair because this section is a little bit thinner. Holding it down, and that's how we create a texture around her face with a carving comb. I'm Summer Spence and I just showed you how to texturize with a carving comb.


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