How to Make Headbands Not Hurt

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Headbands don't have to hurt if you use them in a very particular way. Find out how to make headbands not hurt with help from a fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Spence. I'm a cosmetologist and I'm going to show you how to make headbands not hurt. The tools that you will need are a very flexible headband, hairpins or for the second solution will be a Fairnya style headband with a clip on one end and a clip on the other end. Your first option when picking out a headband is to keep in mind that you will want to pick a headband that is a little bit larger than you would normally buy so that it will fit loosely on the head. You will find that because it's loosely it can slide around. It will be eliminating the tension but you might have that movement. So to hold that in place, you can use the hairpin which is better than a bobby pin because it's already open whereas a bobby pin is very very tight and it won't stay on the band itself. So you use an open hairpin and you can secure that under your hair, holding the band in place. So you've eliminated the tension by a larger headband and holding it in place with the hairpins. Your second option for having headbands not hurt is to keep in mind when getting a headband to get a Fairnya style headband, you can take the clip on the end and slide it onto the hair. That way it's locking onto the hair and not the head so you are eliminating the tension that a traditional style headband creates, pulling the band across the top and using the clip on the other side to secure placement here which is also locking onto the hair and not the head. So you've eliminated the tension and it also stays in place. I'm Summer Spence and I just showed you two possible solutions to wearing headbands so that they don't hurt.


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