How to Teach Kids to Hula

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Teaching kids to Hula is a great, fun way to get your children active. Teach kids to Hula with help from a personal trainer and group fitness director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Janette Janero. I'm a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Today, I'm going to be teaching you how to teach kids to hula. The most important thing for the children is for it to be the correct size. You want to make sure when the child is standing the hula lands somewhere between their naval and mid chest. The hula hoop is a great tool to introduce activity into your children's life. It's fun but it's also a great cardiovascular exercise. The main problem that people have when performing the hula hoop is that they think that they have to bring their hips in a full circle when in fact all you need to do is bring your body weight from the front to back and the hula is what does that circle motion. So start off by practicing, bringing your body weight to the front and the back, the front and the back. Now go ahead and perform that movement just with the hips, right here you can see why the hula is such a great core exercise. Once you have that in motion, go ahead and bring your body weight to the back and bring the hula hoop to the side. Give it a nice push and keep moving back and forth, back and forth until the hula continues in that perfect circle. This is a great party tool for PE classes, classroom activities. You can put the classroom in a big circle and have a contest between two or three students and see who can hula hoop the longest. And parents, go ahead and join your kids as well. You are watching television, a commercial comes on, clear that coffee table out of the way and go ahead and hula hoop until the show comes back on. Teaching your children the skills to hula is great because it improves their core strength. Core strength is really important to have a good posture. It will also help them with their coordination. So go ahead, teach your children how to hula, remember not to circle with the hips, just bring the hips back and forth and that's the key to teaching your kids how to hula.


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