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Outline activities for kids are a great, fun way to get a little exercise. Learn about outline activities for kids with help from a personal trainer and group fitness director in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Janette Janero, I'm a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Today, I'm going to be outlining an activity you can do with your kids or students. This is a really fun activity. There's a big sense of competition, and it also gets your children active. This is called, what time is it, Mr. Wolf? One child is designated as Mr. or Ms. Wolf, and the stand all the way on the one end of the field, the playground or the classroom. All the other children stand in one line up against the other end. So, he is gonna be, Mr. or Mrs. Wolf are gonna be looking at the children, and the children are gonna ask, what time is it Mr. Wolf? And Mr. Wolf is either gonna say one-o'clock, twelve-o'clock, five-o'clock, depending on what time he says, those are the number of steps that the children takes towards him. Now, whenever Mr. or Ms. decides when the child asks what time is it Mr. Wolf, the child says, it's dinner time. At that moment, Mr. Wolf is running towards the children and trying to catch one of them, and the children need to run back to the starting spot. What time is it Ms. Wolf? It's three-o'clock. What time is it Ms. Wolf? One-o'clock. What time is it Ms. Wolf? Dinner time! So once the children all run back, whichever child gets caught, so they wont feel too bad about being caught, they actually have the opportunity to be Mr. or Ms. Wolf. When coming up with activities for children, you have to keep in mind that children all have very different skills. Some may have physical skills, some of them, however, may be a little bit more creative. So make sure you incorporate activities where every child can feel special. An activity that's great for creative children is instead of playing charades with hand gestures, you can actually do it with clay. You can get modeling clay or play dough, and give the child an object. The rest of the team members can't know what this object is, but the child that got the name needs to go ahead and mold that object. It could be a wheel, a vase, let your imagination run wild. So these are two activities, both physical and creative, that you can outline for your children.


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