How to Make Turkey Meatloaf

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Turkey meatloaf is a delicious dish that goes perfectly for a wide variety of different occasions. Make turkey meatloaf with help from a personal chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Henry. I'm the Founder of Today, I'm going to be making a delicious, moist turkey meat loaf. What we're going to start with is a pound of ground turkey. To that, we're going to add a combination which is sauteed of one onion, three clovers of garlic, one tablespoon of Worcestershire, a third cup of chicken broth and that's this mixture here; this is what's going to really make it moist. So, we're going to go ahead and add that in. And to that we're going to add one egg and one egg white which has been lightly beaten. Add that into the turkey. And then, we're going to go with three quarters of a cup of breadcrumbs, Italian style breadcrumbs with the fresh herbs in there. And to that we're going to go ahead and mix that; we're going to use our hands to mix this and just kind of get in there. It's going to be really, really moist to start of with and that's what's going to end up being really moist to finish with. So, here we go. We're going to go ahead and mix this up, get our hands in it, it's great and then, we're going to go ahead and dump that onto our baking sheet. We're going to use this and just form it into a loaf. And you see how moist it is and that's going to be your finished product right there, a very delicious moist meatloaf. You can form it anyway you want, but you kind of want to make it even in its thickness so it cooks appropriately. And here we go. Okay. And then, we're going to go ahead and take the ketchup and we're going to brush that right on top and on the sides. It doesn't have to be perfect, it's going to just taste delicious, so we're just going to get that ketchup on there. And that ketchup, what's that going to do is it's going to form this beautiful crust on the meatloaf. And everyone will be fighting for that end piece of of meatloaf with all that yummy, yummy crust. So, there you have it, and this meatloaf is going to go in the oven at 375 degrees for one hour. And you want to make sure to insert a meat thermometer in the center and that's going to read out 170 when it's finished. And that's it, a beautiful turkey meatloaf.


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