How to Eat Raw Oysters

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Eating raw oysters requires you to be able to identify the individual parts of said oyster. Eat raw oysters with help from an experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Justin Everett. I'm executive chef of Covala Point and Murray Circle Restaurant in Sausalito, California. Today I will be demonstrating shucking an oyster. It's good when you're shucking an oyster to identify the parts of the oyster. Every oyster has a bottom cup, that's this cup shape piece here. Then it has a flat lid on top. It also has a hinge here and that's where you're going to be inserting your knife. You always want to be very careful when shucking oysters. Always wear a glove, make sure you use a towel. You can always slip and cut yourself and that would not be very good. So the technique I like to use is just with a towel. And I covered this hand that I'm not holding the oyster and knife in with a towel and you want to insert the tip of your oyster knife into the hinge. And then very lightly just wedge that tip in there and pop the lid open. Once you have the lid open, you can expose the abductor muscle. You're going to take the sharp side of your knife and just slide it right across the top of the lid of your oyster. Once your oyster is open, you can clean any debris that's on the side of it. Make sure that there's no shell inside the oyster, and then take the sharp end of your knife and just disconnect the abductor muscle connected to the cup part of the shell. Once it's free of that bottom shell, it'll slide loosely in there. You can place that then on the ice and serve it.


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