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If you're planning on flying for a trip, there are a few key things that you absolutely DON'T want to have in your luggage. Find out about things not to pack for an airline with help from a travel expert and the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Insider in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Carolyn Paddock and I'm the founder and CEO of In-flight Insider, and today I'm going to talk about the things that you cannot take on an airplane for travel. Now the list changes from year to year and as of right now, 2012, these are the items that you cannot take on an airplane and it can be confusing so there are things like for example, this is a lithium battery, actually both of these are lithium batteries. Now outside of a computer you cannot bring on an airplane. If it's attached to a computer and if this is in your camera, it's fine but they cannot be loose. You have to have them plugged into something. Bleach, this is a chemical. You cannot take household cleaning products on board an airplane. Aerosol paint, you cannot bring on board. You can take aerosol beauty products in small amounts but paint, insecticides, you cannot bring on board. It's flammable and it's pressurized. Now this is pretty obvious, flares, no you cannot bring this on board. For those of you who are cigar and pipe smokers, torch lighters, sorry, can't bring them on board. You can take regular lighters but not a torch lighter. Now I printed this out on to go over the batteries that you can use and all the different things that you can look up. If you can take it on board, if you can check it, if it's yes or no, so that's available and my takeaway tip for you today is you can find out all this information at It's an app and you can just press in can I take paint, can I take, you know, suntan lotion, what are the sizes and it will tell you exactly what is the latest information. That is my takeaway tip for you. My name is Carolyn Paddock of In-flight Insider.


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