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Speed plays a large part in how effectively you can both punch and kick. Learn how to punch and kick faster with help from a specialist in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sifu Keith Mazza, Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Mount Laurel,New Jersey. Right now we're going to speak about how to punch and kick faster. Okay, right now let's begin our workout on how to punch faster. Rob, can you get a good front stance for me?" Okay, the key to learning how to punch faster is one knows how to relax the chest and the shoulders and the key here is to relax the bicep, a nice tight fist; the key element in punching is your tricep. The tricep has three edge and the muscles use to elongate the arm. The bicep is for contraction. So, what we're going to focus on is using our tricep when we punch. I'd like to give you a drill combinary punching, it's called punching for punching in sequence. So, Rob, please one. One, two; one, two, three. Again, one; one, two; one, two, three. So, learning how to punch in sequence and learn how to relax the tricep when using any pugilistic form of boxing, whether it's Western boxing, Chinese Kung, Kung Fu, Karate, any of the Korean arts, anything that you're going to use to throw a punch. If you can just demonstrate some Western boxing jab for me please? Jab, jab, now jab cross. See, as you can tell is you can see how you punch the tricep is involved in extending the arm. What we're going to work on next is an exercise which is key for the development of your tricep, developing speed and power in your punch and also keep you from hurting your arms. So, now, we're going to work on the exercise that develops speed and power and prevent injury while you punch. "Rob could you please take your position on the wall with your arms nice and tight, elbows pointing down." As you perform the emotion, what you want to do is come into a five-second count, so time yourself." One- one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand; elbows leaning down. Pause for a moment and we go out to a five-count. One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand. When you perform this exercise, you want to do 50 or five minutes whatever comes last. So, if you're working each one for ten seconds, doing 50 repetitions will be a greater range of motion in a longer time period. Now, let's look at developing speed and power in your kicking. There are two ways to train your kicks with speed and power. The first one is to execute your kick and hold. You're going to hold the kick, you're going to start with two seconds and work your way up to 30 seconds. "So, Rob, can you demonstrate a front kick please?" You hold your kick locked out as long as you can. Two second hold is good to start with, like I said, work your progression up to 30 seconds. Now, when it comes to developing speed, ideally, you want to work on your traction just as fast as your extension. "So, please Rob." Kick. So, when you contract, you really want to focus on training your hamstrings. So, the pull back will help you develop more speed for the extension. What we're going to work on next is an exercise that will help you both, speed, strength and also protects your knees from different damage while kicking. The exercise that we're going to perform now is the Hindu squat. It's an excellent exercise for overall development of your legs, developing your speed, power and endurance. "Rob, please demonstrate your front view." So, he's going to keep his feet a little wider than shoulder width and once he comes up, hes's going to come up on his toes, developing his hamstrings, his calves and his quadriceps. You want to start ten repetitions and work your way up to sets of a hundreds. "Rob can you please do it sideways." So, notice his back is straight, he breaks parallel then comes up on his toes. "One more please." Excellent! Once again, this is the Hindu squat. This was how to develop faster kicks and punches. If you enjoyed what you saw here. please visit our website at and I'm Sifu Keith Maza from Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Thank you.


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