How to Build Muscle Strength After Hospitalization

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After you get out of the hospital, one thing you're going to want to focus heavily on is building your muscle strength back up. Build muscle strength after hospitalization with help from a fitness instructor and yoga teacher in this free video clip.

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Hi, my name is Chris Zeitler, I'm a fitness and wellness coach for True Body Movement. Today, we're going to talk a little bit about how to build muscle back, after hospitalization. And when you've been in the hospital, perhaps in bed for an extended period of time. It's important to remember that your back is probably going to be somewhat sensitive, if you haven't been moving much. So, the first thing you want to do when you get started with a routine, is to actually warm up. So, you could take a walk, you could actually do some gentle step touches, maybe some gentle stretches to get your body ready. And then, once you feel like you've got your blood moving. We're going to take some tools and try to get your body actually back, strong, over a period of time. So, remember you've been laid up probably, for a good period of, an extended period of time. And you want to take some time to get your strength back. So, what we use, is actually an exercise band, they come in different strengths. So, you're just going to take one foot on and then, the other. Try to make your stance an even, hip width distance apart. Take your arms and bend them at the elbows. Stand up straight, pull your head over your spine, and we're just going to do a very simple bicep curl. So, essentially you're just bending at the elbows and pulling the arms up towards your shoulders. So, as you curl upwards, you're toning the whole front side of your arms. You'll notice my knees are slightly bent, that'll actually help us activate the core. Which is another part of your body, you want to make sure you bring back after being laid up for an extended period of time. Now, after you've done a few of these bicep curls, you have the opposite exercise. Which I'm going to turn to the side, so you can get a better view here. Again, bending the knees, so when you bend your knees, it allows you to use your core. You tuck your butt under, get your abs working, stand up tall. And then, take the band with the arms slightly bent, next to your body and then, push it backwards. And as I do this, I'm contracting the back of my arms. Try to keep your shoulders down and relax, you don't want to shrug, that'll just make it go into your neck. So, keep the shoulders down push back and extend, soften at the sides, push back and extend. And again, this will tone the back of the arms, the triceps, where as this one, is for the front, the biceps. So, this is an exercise ball, and these are fantastic for helping with rehab. Partially, because they're so soft and comfortable, you can sit on them, you can roll on them. We are going to use it today, to actually strengthen our legs and core muscles. So, we're going to have it, set it down, have a seat on it. And then, work our way out, onto our back. And you're going to walk yourself out, to what we call a bridge position. We're making a bridge with our body. Now, when you're in this position, you're using your glutes, your thighs. And when you walk back, you're contracting all of those muscles and you're working on your balance. And you'll get into the position, whee you can continue to roll, all the way out to your neck. And then, back, up to your butt and then, all the way back, out to you neck. And then, walk back and maybe do five of those. As you come up and sit on the ball again. We're going to do one more exercise to help strengthen your abs and your back. And we'll do that by laying on the mat, actually facing downward on the mat. Come down to the knees, place our hands underneath your shoulders, your knees underneath your hips. And you're going to take one arm forward and the opposite leg back. This is called the Superman position. And you're toning your legs, you're toning your arms. And when we add an elbow to knee position, you're actually going to add the abdominal muscles. So, squeeze in and then, when you extend out, you get to ad the back. So, squeeze in, exhale and then, open up and inhale. And this works all the different parts of the body actually, if you do this consistently, exhale, in, inhale, out. And as you extend to your fingertips and toes, you have the option to lift up a little bit higher to get a little extra work here. And then, of course, you're obviously going to want to do it on both sides. So, after you've finished one side, doing 10 to 15 reps, you'll switch and do the other side. And then, gently turn to face the other direction and lay upwards. And we're just going to gently stretch your back. Now, this very important. After you've worked your body, you want to make sure you give yourself a little release. So, let's roll back onto the mat. And the idea here now, is to release that lower back. So, you're going to extend your left leg, hold your right knee into your chest. Take your right arm up and slowly turn your knee across your body. And you can look towards your right arm, extending your neck, your shoulder, your arm, your hip and most importantly your lower back. And then, we'll come back to center, bring both these in, again. And then, let's switch and take the left leg slowly across the body. Again, this is called the recline twist. And the goal here, is to make sure that you release your lower back. And really taking care to taking the knee back in gently, make the body feel comfortable as it gets back into exercise. So, those are some tips to help your build your body strength back after being hospitalized, or laid up. And my name is Chris Zeitler from True Body Movement, and I hope this helps you with your rehab.


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