How to Build Muscle, But Not Lose Agility

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Building muscle is important, but you should attempt to do so without losing your agility. Build muscle but don't lose agility with help from a fitness instructor and yoga teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Zeitler, fitness and wellness coach for True Body Movement, and today we're going to talk about how to build muscle and strength without losing agility. Now there's a lot of sports that actually involve both, swimming, dancing, boxing, but we're going to do some exercises that actually enhance your strength and agility in a very stable way. So we're going to begin with a Warrior Pose so this is a very famous yoga pose and it's used for a lot of reasons. If you separate your legs nice and wide, you're going to bend one knee and keep the other leg straight and the goal here is to not only open up the hips and groin area but you're going to strengthen your legs while you do this. So we're going to add the arms to the Warrior Pose. They're going to extend out in either direction and they're going to run parallel to the floor. Now as you get stronger you're going to be able to bend that right leg even more and get lower to the ground. The lower you go the more strength you're going to build. Now from here we're going to add two different variations to help strengthen the core along with the legs and hips. So the first one we're going to take the right arm down towards the forearm and stretch over the body and reach that left arm way across the body and you want to feel the stretch going down your core. Now we can make this even more challenging by adding the lower arm and this forces your midsection to actually hold you in place. So reaching both arms out towards this right side will give you a really strong toner for your waist and midsection as well as your legs and hips and then come up and you're going to do the same thing on the opposite side and just rotate your feet, open up your arms, sink into the hips and then go backwards first, stretch back and lengthen, get through your waist and shoulder and then back to center and then you're going to reach to the left, lay your forearm down, stretch up and then all the way over with that other arm, maybe adding both arms, again toning this whole area of the body. I call this a love handle getter and then you're going to come up, open up the arms, relax them down, bring your feet together and we're going to actually go down to the mat. Now this is a Plank Pose. This is actually used in both Pilates and yoga and it's set up like a push up so you're going to start in Plank. This is going to tone your arms, your shoulders, your abs and even your legs and then we're going to turn into what we call a rotating Side Plank. Take your right hand underneath your shoulder, open up and lift that left arm straight up overhead and then we're going to take this hand down, place the left hand underneath the chest and rotate open up the opposite direction and your goal here is to do about ten of these and when you do ten of these you're going to strengthen your upper body as well as build that flexibility as you rotate. For our final exercise we're going to come all the way down to the mat, lay on your belly and this Pilates move is designed to strengthen your lower back, your arms and your legs. So take your arms out front, take your left arm up and your right leg up and then lower down and then take the other arm and opposite leg up. Now to make this more challenging you can hover the arms and legs off the floor and we call these swimmers and you can swim back and forth. You can do it a little more rapidly and the goal here is to again tone while you build that agility, that flexibility. When you're done with these exercises, it's always a good idea to give your back a little stretch. This is called Child's Pose, a yoga pose. So those are some activities that you can do to build your strength all the while maintaining your agility. This is Chris Zeitler from True Body Movement. May you remember to stretch and warm up with every workout.


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