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The decorative brush in Illustrator has a wide variety of practical purposes depending on the exact type of project that you're working on. Get tutorials for the decorative brush in Illustrator with help from a well versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Cecilio. I'm a Graphic Artist, and I'm going to show you today how to use the decorative brush tool in Illustrator. The first thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to go to document color mode which is in file, it's all the way at the bottom and just select RGB color because even if you're doing it in black and white, it'll just be a lot easier to navigate color that way. Make sure that your outline is at black or whatever color you want; but, your fill color should be empty. There should be nothing in your fill color. Then, you're going to want to go to this little panel on the right and this is called the brushes tool, the brushes button and you're going to click that. And in this top right corner, there's a whole list for you to select from and then at the very bottom, it says open brush library. And here you're going to have quite a selection of brushes. And since we're doing the direct, the decorative brushes, let's start off with some elegant curl and floral brush sets. And the cool thing about this is this little window will open once you selected your brushes and it'll continue to add every brushes, every brush set that you choose. So, if you decide, "Hey, I want to try a different set", just go up back to, to that brush button. You select the little button on the right, open brush library and we're going to choose a whole another, another set; so we'll do scatter as well. And that'll opt, either open another window or you can just join the windows. I'll give you an example of or perhaps you're making an invitation to a party and you want something kind of cool. So, I'm just going to select one of those tools and just draw a little shape on the side and then you can have that fun little shape like that. And then, it'll give your invitation some elegance. That's one of the, one of the cooler brushes that I like. But, if you're really into, you know, like these little scatter tools which is basically designed for the, the same reason; it's pretty much so that you can add shapes to, you know, documents and such. So, I would selected the star tool here, the star scatter brush and you know, you can do, makes little shapes like that. And you know, there's a whole bunch of different ones you can choose and some of them have different designs. Like this one has like a scattering design, but this one has like a design that doesn't really scatter, just kind of drags the shape out. And that's really the coolest part about these brushes is they're all kind of customized and different. And that is how you use the decorative brush tool. My name is Alex Cecilio, and I'm a Graphic Artist, thank you very much.


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