How to Make a Hoodie in Illustrator

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Making a hoodie in Illustrator may be easier if you use a real life visual aid. Make a hoodie in Illustrator with help from a well versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alexandra Cecilio. I'm a Graphic Artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a hoodie in Illustrator. So, I have taken a picture of one of my hoodies and I'm going to show you just how to use the pen tool to trace this to, to just get you a basic shape of the hoodie. So, first, we're going to start by selecting a stroke color and preferably should, it should be black, but if you know, if you want to choose a different color, that's fine. And make sure you have a new layer; that's like really important. So, just select create new layer and then it'll create a layer for you. And we're going to zoom in just a little bit and we're going to start and it's pretty simple really, it's, you're just going to trace it but when you're drawing this, you have the option to pull on your pen lines and it'll make it slightly more rounded or more bent. So, I'm just going to make it a little bit more rounded every time I add a line on and it's not always, you know, always have to do this, I'm just doing this because it's just simpler to do it that way. And I'm just going to keep adding some points. And we'll move our tool right there. And the cool thing about this is you only have to do one side really because it's symmetrical pretty much for the most part. I'm just going to go down and as you can see, you will run into this problem where the pen tool will be a little bit tricky to drag, get you the shape you want. So, I'm just going to keep trying here. Okay. And I'm just going to draw more line. Okay, so, there we have half of the hoodie. So, I'm just going to, just, you can click this little button right here; it's this symbol of an eye, it'll just get rid of the image. It won't get rid of it all, just make it invisible. So, then, hold down option and make sure you have the selection tool and just drag it across so that way it makes a direct copy. Hold down control, transform, reflect. Select vertical, push okay and then you'll have another little part of your sweatshirt. And then, using this direct selection tool, you can select this little anchor point and just pull it towards the middle and this side too and it'll, you know, make that funky shape like that but you can always adjust it so that it doesn't do that. And then, what I'm going to do at the very end is just make a little bit of a, a hood and I'm just going to use the pen tool to do that, like this. "Oops." And you can just, "oops", and we're almost finished and you can just close it off like that and if you want to make a little string, you can use the paintbrush tool and just, you know, drag it like that. And then, if you erase that, you have a basic hoodie shape. And right now, this looks a little funky. So, I'm just going to fix the arrows, I'm going to fix the anchor points a little bit just to make it look a little bit more hoodie-like. And we're pretty much finished. Just drag this away from there and make it more and there is your hoodie shape. And you don't have to do it with this kind of hoodie, I mean you can do it with all sorts of different hoodies; this is just an example of a really giant basic shape of a hoodie. My name is Alex and this is how you make a hoodie in Illustrator. Thank you very much.


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