How to Develop Positive Assertiveness


Developing positive assertiveness will require you to look at things in a very particular way. Learn how to develop positive assertiveness in the workplace with help from an author, executive coach, and motivational speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Colette Ellis. I'm an executive coach, founder of Instep Consulting and author of "Focus On Your Vision." Today, I'm going to share some helpful tips to help you develop positive assertiveness. You can gain additional personal confidence by being more assertive. Being assertive means speaking out for your needs while still being aware of the needs of others. It shouldn't be confused with being aggressive which means getting your own way by dominating or humiliating others. So here are three tips to help you develop positive assertiveness. One, be clear, be willing to state clearly, honestly and directly what it is that you need or want and try to speak up why your need is current so people don't have to think about when is it that your talking about or I'm not quite sure what it is that you're talking about. Second, use eye messages and maintain good eye contact. That is another way that demonstrate that you believe in what it is that you're saying and third, don't apologize for expressing your needs or wants. That only detracts from what it is that you're saying. In the end, you'll feel happier because you'll have open and honest communication in business and in your personal relationships. So those are three tips to help you develop positive assertiveness. Let me know in the comments area if this information was helpful for you and feel free to share any ideas that you've come up with on your own. This is Coach Colette sharing tips and ideas to help you be happier in the workplace.


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