How to Make a Light-Colored Makeup

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Making a light colored makeup only requires a few key ingredients and just a short amount of your time. Make a light colored makeup with help from a celebrity makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Jacqui Phillips, and this is how to make light colored makeup. How to make light colored makeup is actually very simple. All you need is a few key ingredients and you'll be good to go. You need to get a lighter colored makeup that's a couple of shades lighter than you and a really nice white powder so you'll be able to get that iridescent that you're looking for. As you can see I've chosen a really light color foundation stick. So, now I'm just going to put some foundation all over my face. And I'm just going to make sure it's blended very well obviously because this color doesn't match your skin. So, you're really going to need to make sure that you've covered. And also you're going to want to make sure that you get under your neck and your chin and kind of work your way down too so you don't see a line. Because that's really when you look unprofessional. You can use a foundation stick, you can use a liquid foundation, and you could use air brush foundation, and you can even use like, just like a really creamy foundation. The bottom line is you just want to make sure that whatever you do choose to use, is a few shades lighter than your own skin color. Make sure if you're really trying to get that Snow White color look, and it's really really light skin, that you blend really well. Because that's the most important thing. Blending is the key thing to keeping it looking very polished and professional. So, you can see that everything is blended, and I'm ready for the last step which is putting on the powder to really seal the look and give me that iridescent finish. The last step is going to be putting on that nice white powder. I love Alison Raffaele's translucent powder, and as you can see it has a whiter nice finish and I just put it all over my face. Now if you don't have access to a lot of makeup stores where you live, or whatever, another way of doing this would be just to use good old fashioned baby powder. This is going to give you the same kind of polished finished look with that iridescent glow. You're just going to use a little bit of baby powder, you're going to put it you know, in your brush, put it all over your face, down your neck. Remember ladies, don't forget your neck. And this is going to give you the same kind of finish that the other powder did. This is how to make light colored makeup. To learn more about me, visit me at


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