How to Relieve Tight Neck Muscles

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Tight neck muscles can be stretched in a very particular way to relieve associated pain and stress. Relieve tight neck muscles with help from an experienced fitness author, teacher and producer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Alycea Ungaro and we're here at Real Pilates in New York City and I'm going to show you how you can relieve tight neck muscles. Take your arm up, reach for your other ear, gently pull. Good. So, this elbow is reaching for the ground; your opposite shoulder is relaxing. Hold this position for a few moments and then reach for the underside of your chair if you have a sturdy chair and you can just apply a little opposing tension. So, you're pulling gently, the whole time just relaxing the ear toward the shoulder and then come on up. Good. Remember to do the other side and then let's move on. So, two hands behind the head, "Hmmm", and then let the elbows fold in and round your self forward. And instead of pressing down on the back of the neck, you're actually want to sort of lengthen out. So, pull away, "Yes, that's the idea." Don't round your upper back, just gently, lightly stretch the neck. And then move yourself up. And let's do the final one. Arms come down and start the same way you did the first one. Take your arm up, take it over, reach for the opposite ear, gently bend and this time we're going to add just a small twitch to it. So, turn your head lightly up. That's it! The ears still towards the shoulder, but your chin is slightly up; that's exactly right and still relax the bod, opposite shoulder. Perfect! Come on back up and take your hand down and you're all done.


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