Fastest Way to Clear Hyperpigmentation on African-American Skin

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Clearing Hyperpigmentation on African American skin only requires the right product and a little bit of know how. Learn about the fastest way to clear Hyperpigmentation on African American skin with help from a nationally recognized Board Certified dermatologist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Dr. Tanya Kormeili, Board Certified Dermatologist in Santa Monica, California. Today, we're talking about the fastest way to clear hyperpigmentation on African American skin. Talking about ethnic skin is one of my favorite topics because as you can tell, I'm not blonde with blue eyes myself. So, the key to taking care of our ethnic skin is actually not the fastest or the overnight miracle; it's actually gentle care to be able to get rid of the pigmentation without causing extra damage. Remember, our skin is very gentle. We produce a lot of melanin, that's the pigment in the skin. And with the slightest irritation or maybe an inappropriate laser use or a chemical or a rash, we can get these extra pigment cells in our body to produce more melanin, more pigment and we can get what's called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is really not a good idea because the pigment is really deep and it's very hard to get rid of it. So, the key is not the fastest, but it's the safest way. So, the way I always take care of my ethnic population is to start them on a very good skin regimen. We absolutely have to minimize the effects of the sun in terms of how much a tans and how much UV radiations being absorbed by the skin. So, good sun protection and good SPF is a must. Secondly, I like to put people on a good skin regimen that contains natural and effective products such as hydroquinone, ethylic acid, kojic acid, emblica and variety of other chemicals that your dermatologist can have made for your or prescribe for you that help naturally lower the amount of melanin that's being produced and distributed in the skin. Once we have that and the skin is responding really well and it's ready, we can start with gentle exfoliation. Remember, ethnic skin, particularly Middle Eastern, Asian and African-American skin is not ideal for fast and overnight miracle peels and lasers. We have to use something very gentle, steady but effectively we can exfoliate, get rid of the pigmentation, bring back the brightness. And then, most importantly put you on a good regimen that maintains your results. And then you can have bright, beautiful skin that you always wanted. This is Dr. Tanya Kormeili, Board Certified Dermatologist from Santa Monica, California. Have a great day!


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