French Horn Strength Training

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French horn strength training will help not only improve your overall playing ability, but your stamina as well. Learn about French horn strength training with help from a musical education instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Laurie, and today I'm going to talk to you about French horn strength training. Most brass players have a constant struggle with having endurance, being able to play for longer sessions without losing control of their notes. I would recommend that you practice in a couple of different times of the day, maybe a morning session, and then wait a little while so that you get to refresh a little bit, and then practice again the evening. Another thing that's good to do if you're, if you're wanting to build up some stamina, maybe you can only play for 15 minutes before your completely exhausted, then maybe, at the end of that session I would recommend warming down. Now, some people have never heard of warming down. What it means is if you've been playing a lot of high notes over and over and over, to the point that you just feel a lot of tightness in your face, you want to play some stuff that's low. Maybe start in the middle range and just play scales downward, or a chromatic scale downward. Just whatever works in the opposite way of what you've been doing in your practice session. Here's an example of warming down. I like to do arpeggios downward. Just like an athlete, after they exert themselves, they need to stretch, and maybe take some time to relax. You need to do that as well, because these facial muscles and your embouchure, have been taxed, and they need some time to rejuvenate so that warming down process gives them a chance to relax and stretch. Maybe the next day, since you were only able to go 15 minutes, you extend that time and go for 20 minutes. But I would recommend the warming down, because then you'll come back and your face will be fresher for the next time. Once again, my name is Laurie, and today I talked to you about some French horn strength training.


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