How to Remove Makeup From Clothing

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You can remove makeup from clothing in a few different ways depending on the severity of the stain. Remove makeup from clothing with help from a third generation owner of Arrow Leathercare in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Bruce Gershon from Arrow Fabricare. And today, we're going to talk about how to remove makeup from clothing. A non-oily makeup like eye shadow or blush, you might want to start just trying to brush that off the fabric. I've just got a paintbrush here. And then, we can take and blot it with something like a baby wipe. And then, and just blot the fabric. Always just blot it, and don't rub it, as you can actually damage the fabric by rubbing, or set the stain by rubbing. And then, just launder as normal. With something more like an oily type of a makeup, like eyeliner or lipstick, it's going to take a little bit more effort. We can use several methods. Little bit of detergent and water on a cloth. The detergent will lubricate the stain and help to remove it. And again, we're just going to blot this out and transfer some of it to the cloth. You can tell that not rubbing, but just rather blotting. And, we might want to use, like, a citrus solvent, an orange cleaner is generally fairly effective on things like this. And again, we're going to blot this. And, the good thing about the orange cleaner is that it will wash out in your wash. And, you see, we are transferring some of it to our cloth. And, with something like the lipstick stain, it's going to be fairly stubborn. We can again use the orange cleaner, the citrus solvent, to blot that. Apply a little mineral oil, and let it sit and work. It'll help loosen up that staining. And, you can apply a little bit of ammonia as well to this to help kick that. These steps have prepared the stains for loosening up, and the final step will be washing in your washer. And, I would just wash as normal, and the stains should come out. I'm Bruce Gershon, thanks for watching.


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