How to Draw a Building Floor Plan to Scale

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Drawing a building floor plan to scale means paying close attention to the proportions of your drawings. Draw a building floor plan to scale with help from a registered interior designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Alan Hilsabeck, Jr., registered interior designer and certified master kitchen and bath designer. Today we are going to explore architectural drawings. Drawing a building to scale: now in drawing a building to scale, of course we cannot draw to real scale because if we did, there's really not a piece of paper large enough. So what we need to do is there's several different ways of drawing a building to scale. If you're using hand drafting, then we would want to use an actual architectural scale. There are several different scales as you can see on this architectural scale. The main ones used in drawing a building are either eighth of an inch or quarter of an inch. It depends on your size of paper and the size of your building. Now if you are using a CAD program, you actually are not drawing to a specific scale. You plot the scale, but you're drawing in real space. The first thing you are going to do is you're going to establish your outside corners of your building. The measurements for these come from your job site field measurements. Once you have the outside corners of your building established, you're simply going to fill in with the walls, doors and windows on the exterior, usually I like to start in a corner and work clockwise around the building. Next, you're going to establish the interior walls of your building. In order to continue drawing your building to scale, in CAD you would use the offset command in order to establish the distance between two points. In manual drafting, you would use your scale. On an architectural scale, the feet are represented on the scale, so for instance four feet would be equal to a half of an inch in reality. So remember, if you're drawing using a computer aided program, you're drawing in real space and the key to drawing to scale is using the offset key. If you're drawing by hand, the key is using your architectural scale. So until next time, this is Alan Hilsabeck, Jr., registered interior designer and certified master kitchen and bath designer from Hilsabeck Design Associates. Have a great day.


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