How to Make Baked Apples for Baby Finger Foods

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Baked apples make great finger foods for babies if prepared in the right way. Make baked apples for baby finger foods with help from a private chef and caterer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lisa Beels from Haute Palate and Haute Palate Little Lunches and here's how you make baked apples for baby's finger good. We're going to start with two very ripe Gala apples. You can use any type you like but I like to use Gala because they don't turn brown so quickly. Okay these have been rinsed. We're just going to quickly peel the skin off. I'm going to cut the apple up. Some people bake apples whole but it goes faster if you cut them up. So I've got my quick apple peeler. Now I'm going to cut my apples into pieces about I would say about an inch and a half, inch, inch and a half thick. Okay, so I'm cutting these apples up and I will be putting this into a preheated oven abuot 350, 375 depending on if your oven gets hot or not, so chunks like that because they are going to be finger food. We're not going to mush it up like baby food but this is going to be finger food for the babies. You can use a baking dish but I'm going to use a heavy bottomed pot. You'll find that two apples make quite a bit of snacks and you can refrigerate them. They don't freeze as well as you might like so don't make more than you think your baby is going to eat. I have a cinnamon stick here. I'm just going to put it in the pot because it's going to absorb and get into the flavors of the food without actually having to have cinnamon added on to it. So it's going to be delicious and now I'm going to add a little dash of vanilla. My trick to make things sweeter without actually adding sugar and then a squeeze of lemon juice to coat the apples. I'm going to put this uncovered into the oven at 350 degrees. Eventually I will cover it if I need to, if I find that they're drying out. So the apples are cooked. They're too mushy and they're not too hard. They're just perfect for finger foods. I'm going to take one out and cut it so you can see. We're going to cut this into little finger foods and we're just going to make little squares or you can make sticks or however you want your kids to eat these. But they're very soft and easy to chew. And that's how you bake apples to make toddler finger foods. I'm Lisa Beels from Haute Palate Little Lunches and Haute Palate.


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