What if a Guy Likes a Married Woman?

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A guy liking a married woman certainly isn't unheard of. Find out what to do if a guy likes a married woman with help from a licensed marriage and family therapist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Roberta Marowitz, a Florida licensed marriage and family therapist and C.E.O. of "Sane Games," www.academicgamers.com, mental health computer games for kids and their families. Today, we're talking about what if a guy likes a married woman, and what a wonderful topic this is and it's wonderful because ultimately, what we know about guys is they really like variety, and they really like security and with the idea that novelty is important to men, the question for women very often becomes not a question of what, but why, why would a man like to be with a married woman? Or why is there interest in a married woman? Sometimes, to be honest with you, if he likes a married woman, it often can be the security of it. She's already attached to someone else, there's not a chance that he's going to be able to be with her, and so it can be a person who he can just talk with and build a relationship with. There really has a lot of security that's attached to it. So, from some peoples point of view, that can seem very strange but ultimately, we like the feeling, and men often like the feeling as well, that there's someone who is just listening and someone who can offer a different point of view. For a lot of men, their view is that if they are building a relationship of some sort, with a married woman, that she's kind of an "untouchable" and because she's an untouchable, she certainly wouldn't be a threat to either their wife, or somebody who they are dating. So if a guy likes a married woman, and you are noticing that it happens to be the guy that you're going out with, or that you're married to, it becomes an openness. If he likes someone who's married then you kind of get the sense that there's something going on between them, your view really is to ask, what is it that's going on, in a pretty non-threatening way. I would not automatically make the assumption that there is something emotional or sexual that's going on, that's going to take the place of the relationship with you. But I would make an assumption that there is something in that that one or both of them find fulfilling, but not necessarily to bump you out of the relationship at all. So ask some questions, find out what's going on with him. You know, these are things that in the clouds, you don't get to think about by yourself. If you're in a relationship with someone, it becomes information that you share. I wish you well.


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