How to Get Smooth Tops on Homemade Candles

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Getting smooth tops on homemade candles is sometimes easier said than done. Find out the perfect way to get smooth tops on homemade candles with help from a craft expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Angharad Jones with The Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica, California and I'm here to talk about how to get smooth tops on your homemade candles. Really the easiest way to do a smooth top on a homemade candle is to do a mold that starts out upside down that you pull out and end up with a nice finished top. That really is the only way to perfectly guarantee you're going to get a nice top on your candle. It's really interesting to look actually at one of the ones that comes out of the mold because you can see I have a nice finish on the top but on the bottom if I had been pouring it from the top and this had been the top of my candle you can see it's actually really lumpy and the lumps are because it got jiggled and because when I poured it, I didn't pour it so carefully and I also topped it up because we ended up with a tunnel down the middle once it cooled so I topped it up with some wax. So the best way for me to have, if I had wanted this to be the top of my candle, for me to end up with a nice smooth finish, would have been when I did my top up to make sure that it flooded the whole top of the candle and that it was on a nice steady surface that wasn't going to get bumped and marred and as I did my pour to do it slow and steady so that I'm not splashing the edges. If worse comes to worse and you end up with, you still end up with little bumps and mars, you can always sort of rewarm it with a hairdryer or something like that and melt it down just a little bit. So I'm Angharad Jones at The Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica, California. Happy crafting.


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