How to String a Tenor Ukulele

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A tenor ukulele is a little larger than your typical soprano ukulele. Find out how to string a tenor ukulele with help from a critically acclaimed musician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica Delfino. I play the ukulele and I also teach other people how to play the ukulele and today I'm going to talk to you about how to restring a tenor ukulele. So a tenor ukulele is a little larger than your typical soprano ukulele therefore you have to buy a very specific tenor sized strings for your ukulele. They usually come in a package just like this and there are four in the package, G, C, E and A and you would take the strings, on my particular tenor, the second string is a metal string. So if you get a pack of ukulele strings and one of them is metal that would go on your second string or your C string. The way that you would string your ukulele is you would first of all wind all of your tabs of your tuning pegs loosely. So turn them all the way down until all of the pressure is off of the strings and then at that point you should be able to either take them out by using your hands to unravel them and if that proves to be too tricky you can also just use a pair of clippers. Wire clippers or even scissors if they're sharp enough should be able to cut through and then you can pull them through the top and pull them through the bottom and you can just discard them unless you want to use them for crafts or something like that which I always encourage recycling. So another thing that you need to know is when you put your ukulele strings on your ukulele you bring them in through the bottom and then you bring them up to the top. So you would string them through the bottom. There are four holes as you can see in the bottom of the ukulele on the bridge, you pull them through, pull them up and I recommend you do one at a time. Start with your G string and move down to your C, your D and then your A. When you get to the knotting part at the bottom it's actually quite easy. You leave about this much string and you twirl it around. As you can see it's twirled at the bottom here and when you pull it to thread it up through the top the tension will tighten and you'll have this nice sort of curled tie down here. It takes a little bit of practice but it's really not that hard and before long you'll be able to tune your own tenor ukulele and put new strings on it. And that's how you replace the strings on a tenor ukulele.


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