How to Tune a Dobro Guitar

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Tuning a Dobro guitar can be accomplished in many different ways depending on what you're trying to play. Tune a Dobro guitar with help from a multi-genre guitarist, musician and composer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jim Jeffrey, Los Angeles, California here at Castle's Music, and I'm going to show you today how to tune a Dobro. You can tune your guitar many ways. Today, we're going to talk about two tunings, a standard guitar tuning and also open G tuning. The standard guitar tuning is E on the sixth string, A, D, G, B, E and that's a nice tuning because all of your guitar chords that you've learned are the same on this guitar as they are on any other guitar. You can also tune your guitar to an open G tuning and that's really neat how you can use it with a slide and you know, people play it all sort of different ways but I'll show you how to do an open G tuning now and the strings will be G, B, D, G, B, D, after the tuning. So we'll just take our tuner, turn it on, unless you have an incredible ear I recommend using a guitar tuner. So the first is a G note. This is an E note and this will be D which is the same as a standard guitar tuning for the fourth string. The third string will stay the same, G but you might have to tune it up just a little bit since you're altering the tension on the strings, second string will also stay the same as B and the first string we're going to tune down to D. You want to check your tuning one more time because when you alter the tension it actually moves the neck of the guitar so even though your strings are in tune with the tuner when you first tune them, they might be a little bit out of tune after you've gone through all six. So again this is G, B, D, G, B, D and this is open G tuning. So then you can play like a G chord just by strumming all your strings open, that would be an A on the second fret, B on the fourth fret and C on the fifth fret, D on the seventh fret and E would be on the ninth fret. Again, my name is Jim Jeffrey and that's how you tune a Dobro guitar.


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