How to Care for African-American Baby Hair

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Caring for your hair should start as early as possible. Care for African-American baby hair with help from a beauty industry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Belinda K. Baker, CEO of Salon BKB in Atlanta, Georgia. As an experienced stylist I consult with my clients daily about how to take care of their children's hair. It's important to understand that children, their hair won't mature until they're about eight years old or at puberty and so it's important not to use harsh chemicals or different things that are going to cause damage that could become permanent. So we find that it's important for us to share with our clients different techniques that are going to allow them to understand how to take care of their children's hair. Okay Shawna I know you asked me what do I do with my child's hair right? Okay the biggest thing to know is that her hair is going to go through a lot of changes over the next seven to eight years okay? It's just much easier if we understand that the curl pattern, we just want to try to maintain it, doing that with regular shampoos every week, every time you shampoo it condition it, always use a leave-in conditioner and then we want to make sure that you comb through it every day and then protect it at night when she's going to sleep. If you actually train her to be in a head wrap, it will save it from drying out overnight okay? Alright, so we're going to demonstrate some of that for you right now, okay? So, ionized water and we're just going to actually put a small amount on. This you can get in the health food store, okay, pH balanced water. Look how she's looking like oh my gosh and we're going to now put on a leave-in conditioner, good girl and see the spray is much easier because it's easy to get on without having to keep her between your legs, all of those things that we find ourselves having to do. See how she's actually enjoying it? And the key, do it on a regular basis so she gets used to you doing it. If you don't comb her hair, then you're going to have problems because she won't be accustomed to it. See how her natural curls came in, okay? And we're going to take a nice brush and brush through it so that you can see the end results for her okay? And we just brush it and by doing that light softening with the products, she's not even noticing the tangles as I comb it out. And this is a Denman brush that I'm using, beautiful and then if you have a headband and you want to put the headband on, it helps it tremendously. Alana, turn around for me, let me see you. Oh my, beautiful, give me a smile. So again taking care of children's hair is very simple. Shampoo it weekly, moisturize it and always use a leave-in conditioner. Okay, alright. Working with Alana and her mom Shawna, we're showing you how to take care of African American children's hair, shampooing, conditioning, using a leave-in conditioner every time, combing it every day and wrapping it at night gives you easy hair maintenance.


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