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In the Chinese martial arts there are four ranges of combat. Learn Chinese fighting techniques with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Karl Romain of Edgewater Kung Fu and And today we are here to talk you about Chinese fighting techniques. In the Chinese martial arts there are four ranges of combat. Of course we have kicking, punching, immobilization, and grappling. And today I'll show you examples of all four. Now for the hand techniques we have of course back fist. We have spinning back fist. And we have the finger jab. We have a lot of kicks a very wide range variety of kicks. First kick front kick. Another kick that we have is round house. Then side kick all the basic kicks hook kick and we are known for our sweeping techniques in kung fu. Additionally we do have jump kicks. One of the things that makes Chinese martial arts so unique is we have a range that we call immobilization or sensitivity. This can be developed through the practice of chi sao sticky hands or things like push hands. We'll demonstrate the ability to immobilize once you master the chi sao or sensitivity drills. We'll start with the basic one. The first one is what's called pak sao. Next we are going to do pak sao to lap sao. Pak sao is a slapping hand, lap sao is grabbing hand. We demonstrate on the lead hand. This time I'll demonstrate pak sao to lap sao on the secondary hand and we can lead this all the way in to our grappling techniques. Thank you for watching this video. Again I'm Sifu Romain of Edgewater Kung Fu and


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