How Do I Make a Seaweed Facial Mask?

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You can make a seaweed facial mask using a few quick things in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to make a seaweed facial mask with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, Christina here. Seaweed may not sound too appealing to eat, but it actually makes for one very effective facial mask. Perfect for anyone who suffers from acne or large pores. With some simple household ingredients I'll show you how to make this wonderfully effective mask. Let's get started. For your ingredients, we're going to start with a measuring cup filled with two tablespoons of water, some raw organic honey, some seaweed I picked up at the grocery store which you can find in a package like this. It comes with one full sheet and I've simply split that sheet in two. A mixing bowl, a spoon, and a simple whisk. So I'm going to start by pouring my two tablespoons of water into our bowl. Next, I'm going to take about one tablespoon of the raw, organic honey and place it into the bowl with a little help from my whisk because it's so sticky. Next, I'm going to take half of the sheet of the seaweed and begin to crumble it into my mixing bowl. Seaweed comes out to be pretty dry and flaky, so you're just going to kind of fold it up and shred it from there. You don't need it to be perfect and in fine crumbles, you just need it to be split up enough where you can blend it. And we're going to work this in for about a minute to a minute to a half. And the seaweed starts to break down and get very soft so it's no longer dry and flaky. Perfect. Your mask should look something like this when you finish. So after we're done mixing, we're going to place this on clean skin for about five to ten minutes. The seaweed is going to start to try and flake again, that's how you know it's done. It may fall a little bit. But just keep going until you get a good amount of seaweed on your face. Very attractive looking. Definitely will entice your husband or boyfriend. The seaweed is going to infuse wonderful amino acids and properties into the skin. The honey is also going to nourish and help with the glow. Wash off with a simple warm wash cloth and hydrate as usual. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed.


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