Recipe for a Homemade Facial for Sensitive Skin

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A facial mask can do wonders for people with sensitive skin. Get the recipe for a homemade facial for sensitive skin with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, Christina here. Today, we're going to be making a facial mask for sensitive skin. So stay tuned and we'll show you how. Alright so we've got an array of ingredients here. Let me explain what each is for and how we're going to use it. First we've got a banana which is a few days old. We're going to take this and simply put it into our bowl like so. Bananas are really wonderful because they have loads of vitamins, perfect for the skin and we're infusing a lot of hydration as well. So next I've got an overly ripe avocado and what I'm going to do is just slice the avocado right down the middle and cut it the opposite way. So next we're just going to squeeze and all of the parts of the avocado come right out like so into the bowl. Next up I've got some organic yogurt. Now using all organic ingredients is really important when you're infusing them into a face mask simply because you don't want any chemical and additives and extra sugar going into your pores. Now I took about half a cup of plain yogurt and I'm going to combine it into our bowl like so and our last ingredient today is going to be some organic extra virgin olive oil. I'm going to place about a teaspoon into our mixture here. Now the olive oil is going to nourish and hydrate the skin, yogurt has lactic acid to it so it's also going to nourish and hydrate and brighten the skin. The avocado is for hydration and of course, the banana is for the vitamin benefit. So I'm going to remove my spoon and just simply use a potato masher, something that most households have. If you don't have this you can simply use just a large spoon and work your way around the bowl to mash all the ingredients together. So just a few mashes should do it, kind of like making mashed potatoes and you just want to give it a few mashes just enough to break the ingredients down a bit until we've got a nice fine paste. It should look something like this. I'm just going to take my spoon and kind of mix everything around so it's nice and combined. Now that we've completed mixing the mask together, let's put it on our face for five to ten minutes avoiding the eye and lip area. This is going to infuse hydration into the skin, nourish it and protect it, perfect for sensitive skin. I hope you enjoy.


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