Yoga Exercises for Lymph Congestion

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Certain yoga exercises are great for treating lymph congestion. Find out about yoga exercises for lymph congestion with help from a certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kino MacGregor. We're here at Miami Life Center, and today we're going to be taking a look at yoga for lymph congestion. A nice back bend that really starts to open the upper body with healthy shoulder alignment really clear out any of the lymph notes that are accumulating toxins. You want to start off lying down then bend your knees about hip's width apart, roll your shoulders underneath you, hands by the ears, inhale, come to the top of the head, roll the shoulders underneath, keep the elbows in line with the wrists and inhale, press yourself off of the ground feeling your shoulders dropping down the back and then after five nice long deep breaths where you're conscious of the shoulder alignment, letting the sternum raise higher, exhale, come back down onto the top of the head, roll the shoulders underneath you and relax. You could repeat if you want to really get the full benefit. So you inhale, you might want to try going directly into the posture, rolling the shoulders down the back, nice healthy shoulder alignment and exhale, coming all the way down. I'm Kino MacGregor and you've been watching yoga for lymphatic congestion.


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