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Form plays a large part in how successful you'll be at kickboxing. Learn the basics of kickboxing with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karl Romain of Edgewater Kung Fu and and today we're doing kickboxing 101. Okay to begin with we're going to start with stance so what I want you to do is turn your feet sideways about a 45 degree angle. Make sure you have one foot off to the side a little bit and turn that foot slightly forward a little bit and raise the heel. Bring your hands up and tuck your chin behind your shoulder. This is our basic stance. From here we're going to work on footwork. To move forward we're going to move our front foot and then slide our back foot. To move back we're going to move our back foot and slide our front foot. To move to the right you'll move your right foot first and then your left and to move left we'll move our left foot and then our right. Now we're going to start off with some basic hand techniques. The first hand technique that I'm going to show you is called a jab. So my partner, Veronica, is going to demonstrate with me and a jab is a punch off the lead hand. Are you ready? And punch right down the middle. Make sure it's nice and fast and bring it right back. The next punch is a cross. A cross is a straight punch off the rear hand. Notice how she pivots the rear foot. And our last punch is the hook. When throwing the hook make sure you transfer the weight to the back foot, lift the front heel and pivot. As you punch you're going to have your hand this way or this way. Ready and go and again and one more, good. And now we're going to do some basic kicking techniques. The first kicking technique we're going to use is called a front kick and because we're using the pad instead of striking with the ball of the foot she's going to strike with the shoelace area or the instep. So she's going to step in, lift the knee and kick and recoil, bring it back, one more time, good. The next kick is called the roundhouse kick. For this one she's going to turn her body slightly sideways. She's going to be stepping in. Make sure that rear foot points towards the opposite wall. Step in, left the knee and kick, hitting with the shoelaces again, one more time, ready, and step in, hit with the shoelaces, good and again, ready and go, good. And our last kick is called the sidekick. We're going to start exactly the same way. We're going to step in, turn the supporting foot for maximum flexibility, lift the knee and striking with the heel this time, and again and go, and one more, go, good. Now that we have our basics covered we're going to put together a basic combination for you. So we're going to start off with the three punch combination, number three, followed by a roundhouse kick, ready? Good and step back a little bit and again go and one more and you can take any of the combinations or techniques we taught you today and practice them for your kickboxing 101. I'm Karl Romain and thank you for watching.


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