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A number of different foundational exercises can be a great help to your Tai Chi. Learn about Tai Chi foundation exercises with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karl Romain, Dr. Oz's Tai Chi instructor. You can also find me at Sifuroman.com. Today we'll be doing some basic foundational exercises to help you with your Tai Chi. So one of the exercises you can do to help you improve your Tai Chi is the horse stance. So we'll start by spreading the feet a little bit more than shoulder width. Place your hands at your side so you can measure the proper distance. Your elbows should be out and the knees should be just beyond the elbow, just reaching beyond the elbow there. Now from here we'll begin with the first exercise, polishing the mirror. Raise the hands. As you raise your hands in front of you and you're going to come down, bend the knees, circle the hands around, inhaling and then exhaling as you come up. Again, inhale as you go down, exhale as you slowly rise. One more, inhale and exhale. Another exercise we can do right from the horse stance, bring your hands up, universal post. Just think about hugging a tree. As you inhale you're going to turn, exhale and return to center. Inhale going the other way, exhale as you return to center. And the last exercise is picking up the suitcase. You're going to bring your hands to your side. You're going to inhale, bend your knees and grasp as if picking up a suitcase, slowly rising, exhale. This time you're going to put the suitcase down. Inhale, open the hands and slowly rise. Practice these exercises every day and it's going to be a great way to build up the strength in your legs for Tai Chi because you're going to have to shift the weight from one side to the other and to do that you really want to develop strong legs. I'm Karl Romain. Thank you.


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