Jump Rope: A Morning Back Warm-Up

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Its always important to warm up, even if you're just jumping rope. Learn about warming up when jumping rope with help from the founder and owner of STRONG gym in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Willy McNeely from STRONG Gym. And this is jumping rope, a morning back warm up. Now, jumping rope is a great exercise to do you know, within the first few minutes of wake up in the morning, just because it's very good for your spinal disc health. Meaning that the disc within your spine or actually you can think of them like sponges. So, anytime there's a compressional loading force within your spine, think of your spinal disc like a sponge. So, anytime the force is going down it's going to squeeze like a sponge and that's going to soak back up once the force is taken off. When it soaks back up your spine is going to get a lot more nutrients and everything just soaked up throughout and just help the health of your spinal column and your spinal disc. So, It's just good for regeneration of your disc and just you know, making it feel better and keeping that health within your spinal there. Also the jumping rope is going to get more blood flow to the peripheral tissue along your spinal rectors and just some muscles along your back. So, just going to already increase circulation and just getting more oxygen and more nutrients pumping out throughout your back. So, it's a great warm up first thing to do in the morning. I'll go in an show you a few jump rope demonstrations and examples of workouts you could do first thing you wake up in the morning. Now, one of the easiest things you can do first thing is start jump rope at a slow pace. Whenever you're jumping rope, you know you're just going to be hopping up on your toes and just going to be moving your hands slightly. You don't want to get too much shoulder action. You're just going to be getting a little.. little bitty action. And for a beginner you know, if you need some rest, you can just start doing some doubles swings and then jumping again. Now, after this you can start even just slightly jogging with the rope. Now, remember you just stay on your toes so that way your legs are going to be more like shock absorbers. So, with your BMO, that muscle right there, it's going to act as a shock absorber and take a lot of pressure off any of the hardware within your body, such as your knee ligaments and also your lower back ligaments. And so, just for the health of your spine you know, just remember to stay on your toes. I'll go in and show you another variation. Now, once you start jumping rope and you know just get in some regular rhythm involved and you can just start doing some more things like jumping side to side. Just to you know, increase the dynamic nature of what you're doing. So, that way your back is going to be absorbing the shock in different waves. And it's just going to be a lot better for the overall health of your back. Now, since it's just a slight back warm up, I would do it no more than five minutes. And you could just perform all this five minutes straight, different variations for what you're doing. And that will be enough to increase and keep the health and longevity of your spine and the muscles of your back. This has been jump rope for morning back warm up. Thanks for watching.


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