Sausage Stuffed Pork Crown Roast

Pretty on the outside, delicious and juicy on the inside, Josh Ozersky’s sausage stuffed crown roast will be the talk of the table. Try your own variation by subbing bacon or foie gras for sausage, and add this festive main course to your cooking repertoire.

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Josh Ozersky on and I'm here to make the crown roast of pork. Now few cuts are more rarely seen, more festive looking or more generally preposterous than the crown roast of pork. It is as old school as you can get and in fact you hardly ever seen them anymore. Now it is essentially two full pork racks that have been bound together in a circle like so, tied up and essentially you schtoop sausage into the middle of it, you cook it all together. It's extremely festive. I do a little bit of doctoring myself but basically it's as follows. I'm going to turn it upside down and as I do with every side of everything that I cook, I'm going to make sure that there's some salt on it. I'm going to pour some olive oil all around it and make sure that it gets in good, not only on the sides but in between all the individual pork chops as well as pepper from my gigantic pepper mill. Now I'm going to take some bulk sausage. These as you can tell by their shape, their vestigial form, are Italian sausages that used to be in casings. Somebody opened the casing and took them out and they now are bulk sausage. Now I often will use a bulk breakfast sausage just because I like it to much but the bulk Italian sausage is a little bit more traditional so I take this and I push it through. This is a spicy sausage. I feel like since it's a regular pork roast you want to have a spicy sausage. And you push it in there, now this is sausage but this could also be with scrapple and/or bacon or foige gras. You see that the bones here have been crudely frenched to give them a more elegant appearance. We've dispensed with the traditional little frilly, little frilly paper puffs so what I'm going to do instead, I'm going to take these cloves of garlic. I'm going to cut them in half lengthwise and I'm going to stick them deep inside each one of these ribs, so that it will really scent the meat and give it a profound garlicky flavor. I'm getting a little bit of salt in there. Each one of the individual cavities, putting a little bit of garlic in. I'm going to put in as much sausage as I can fit and then I'm going to put a little bit of olive oil on top of that so that it gets nice and brown and crunchy, a little bit more pepper. Alright, so it's all prepped. It's ready to go. It's got garlic and salt between all the ribs, sausage in the middle. I'm going to stick it in the oven, 350 degrees, put it in there I would say about an hour and fifteen minutes. I'm going to take it out and take a look at it and see how it's doing. Okay, the crown roast of pork. Even without its festive ruffles, it's still a magnificent presentation. You know, if you have a big platter, you could put it on the platter and you really see why they call it a crown roast now. I think it would be definitely excessive to put it on your head but that's the crown roast of pork. I'm Josh Ozersky, and this is

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