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Not every Christmas craft that you set out to make needs to cost an arm and a leg. Learn about free, quick and easy Christmas crafts for kids with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney from And I've got a great, quick and easy Christmas craft to share with you today. It's perfect for the kids to do; they're going to love it. It's a pompom wreath and it's so simple, easy. You start out with a paper plate and you can use any size you like; I chose a small one because this size is really good for the bedroom door or just the hallway, just to add a little extra festive touch to your house this season. So, what you're going to do is just take your paper plate and cut out the center. And I just go ahead and just stick the scissor right through and you can just, they can do this; you can start it off for them and just kind of go around and cut the whole center out, just like that. And, what you're going to do after the center is fully cut out, you're going to just take your pompoms and you're going to glue them on using tacky glue. Now, I've used all different size pompoms and I use white because I thought it would be really pretty just to have a white wreath and then, I use some ribbon and some red pompoms for some holly berries. So, you just glue the whole thing; make it really nice and lush and full and you can put some pompoms on top of one another and just to make it really really full and round and soft. Then, after you're done filling up your wreath with the white pompoms, you're going to make your leaves. Now, you just take some grow green ribbon or whatever kind of ribbon you have at home. I love this, this is kind of like a really fresh clover green. You're just going to cut a length of it and this is so easy. Just flip it around, just like that 'til you have a little tip happening. And, instead of glue or you know, double-sided tape, what I use is a stapler. I mean, can you stand it? With green staples, how easy is that. So, you're just going to make a whole bunch of leaves and then, we're going to add them to our wreath. And I've added some already. Just take your leaves and trim off the bottom. Take your tacky glue and just kind of figure out where you might want a couple of leaves and just go right down into them middle of some of the pompoms and just push your leaves right down there. And you can have them going off to the left, to the right; I kind of like my leaves all doing, all in different directions. And then again with the red pompoms, making a little holly berries and just stick them right around where you have the leaves. Then, to finish it off, we're just going to use some ribbon and I love this red and white strip ribbon; I think it's really fun, holiday-like, the kids love. The red and white stripes of course it reminds them of the candy cane. We're just going to make a loop and I think we should put it in between some of the berries. Depending on how long you'd like it, I think you're going to want to put this on a bedroom door; so I'm just going to tie a knot so long. Just put a little, you want to put a little knot instead of a bow 'cause I think the wreath is just festive enough. So, just knot it just like that. There we are, it's all ready to hang wherever you'd like. I'm Colleen Mullaney, thanks for watching.


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