Christmas Tree Decoration Crafts for Kids

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Getting kids to make their own Christmas decorations is a great way to allow them to put a personal stamp on the holiday. Learn about Christmas tree decoration crafts for kids with help from an author, magazine editor and lifestyle expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for and I've got a great Christmas tree decoration to share with you today. It's a pearlized ornament and it's so easy to make. First we take some floral wire and we're using silver today. You can use green if you'd like but silver is great because it really becomes incognito with the pearls and this is 22 gauge, it's a little heavier so it really will hold the pearls and enable you to shape the ornament. So we're just going to take off about 12 inches and then we are going to just secure the bottom with our little pliers and we're just really, it's so easy, we're just going to twist it just like that, just to create a nice secure bottom so that our beads won't fall off, perfect. Now, to start we're going to use some pearl beads but we're going to start with a little iridescent bead for the bottom and it's just going to add a little touch of glam and it will just add a little flash when the Christmas lights hit it. So that's going to be our bottom bead and we're just going to now take the pearls and string them right onto the wire, just like this. Now pearls come in a variety of different sizes but I love this size and in this pack you get like 500 pearls so it really is great. You can make a multitude of ornaments with just this one pack so it's perfect. So just string them all on and once you have them almost done like I have here, almost to the top then you're going to take your little pliers again and you're going to just fold it down just like that and you can even just take your wire snips then and snip off the excess. We're just going to create a little loop for our ribbon. So just snip it off just like that and you've got the perfect little loop. So to shape our ornament, simple and really easy, just take your fingers and you can do this around like a little tube if you want but I do it around my fingers and it really works well, just I take my two fingers here and I just kind of wrap it right around and I leave the end kind of pointing down. Now you just pull it out like a string there and just point the top up just like that so you have the loop for your ribbon and then just kind of point the bottom bead down just a tiny bead as well. So it kind of looks like a teardrop hanging. Now to add our ribbon, this is just satin ribbon that I've chosen. You can use any decorative ribbon you'd like but it has to be small enough to get through your little loop there to hang on your tree, whoops, that wasn't such a good cut, there we go. Now just take the point of the ribbon, put it right through the loop and there you go, tie a little knot and then you're all ready for your tree decoration. Now if by chance, things get a little crooked while you're adding your ribbon it's so easy you can just kind of like fix it right back up and here we are, here are our teardrop pearl ornaments, ready to go, ready to hang on your Christmas tree. Thanks for watching. I'm Colleen Mullaney.


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