Perfect Pairings: Wine and Chocolate

We know which wines pair well with fish, meat and poultry, but which go with cookies? Thankfully, Jordan Salcito joins Heather Bertinetti to help us know if we should pick a Reisling or a sweeter option.

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Hi, I'm Jordan Salcito. And I'm Heather Bertinetti for Today, we're going to pair some wines with chocolate. These are three wines that I think go beautifully with chocolate and there are a couple of rules with them. The first thing I like to think about when pairing with chocolate, you either want notes in the wine that are chocolaty or caramely or else you want something that's very fruity that goes well with chocololate. So let's start here. This is a Brachetto Diacoli so it's a sparkling wine made in Piedmont and it's basically like the red version of Moscato D'asti but it's really fresh and bright and crisp and sort of like fresh strawberries in a sparkling format. So I love this with any sort of pure chocolate because, think about it, strawberries, chocolate, they go very well together. These other two wines are a little bit more obscure but I love them with chocolate because they both have these caramel, toffee, sort of salty notes. This one right here is PX, PX stands for Pedro Ximenez. So this is from an area called Montilla Moriles which is right next to Sherry in the South of Spain. Pedro Ximenez is a grape that has very little acidity so you taste the sweetness even more. They harvest these grapes late, they dry them out, they press them and that's when you get these sort of dried notes of deep dark fruits that sort of turn, that are literally caramelized by the sun. So you have these caramel notes, you have salty, the salty caramel right here. Sometimes I get a little toffee, almost like even a little espresso note, great with chocolate. This one right here, in this crazy bottle, this is called Commandaria. This is actually the oldest named wine in existence. It's from Cypress. It's made from grapes, two grapes, Mavron and Xynisteris that are dried on straw mats for a really long time and then they are pressed and they're made into this wine right here. It's actually a really great value, considering this history, it's twenty dollars. It's great to have around the house. You can impress your friends with the crazy story and it's a fun alternative to a sherry or a port that is super versatile and will go really really well with chocolate. Now Jordan, I've given you a little quiz here. Oo, and I have three types of chocolates down and because I don't know that much about wine, if you could just teach me, you know, about milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate and which one of these would pair with them, that would be super helpful for me. Mm, dark chocolate you can go a couple different directions. I would go for the darkest deepest wine here. I would go for this salted, there are salted caramel flavors of the PX of our Pedro Ximinez from Montilla Moriles. I think that the dark chocolate plus the salt plus the caramel, those are going to be a really gorgeous pairing with the milk chocolate. I think, you know, bringing in these dried fig notes, these sort of more soft and more fruit flavor profiles from the Commandaria, that would be great with the milk chocolate. Is that more acidic Jordan? This will have a little bit more acidity and therefore will sort of play off of that creaminess. So Jordan, right before you came, I just made some awesome holiday truffles here. Can you recommend a holiday wine that you think would go great with these truffles? Absolutely. They look delicious by the way. Thank you. One of my favorite holiday, all around holiday wines is Brachetto Diacoli, right here for a lot of reasons, one, because it is a super versatile wine. Again, it has that great acidity so it's going to cleanse the palette. It's bright fruit so it's going to pair well with other nice holiday red fruits like cranberries and cherries and also chocolate. Love it. Let's give it a taste. Let's give it a taste, alright. Cheers, cheers. Ah, that is perfect. That is so good Jordan. Now you have to try one of my truffles. I can't wait. Um, they're soft too. That's good holiday eats huh? That's delicious. I'm Heather Bertinetti. I'm Jordan Salcito. Catch us again on Cheers, Jordan. Cheers, Heather.

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