Thanksgiving Finger Foods

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A lot of finger foods are great for the Thanksgiving time of year. Learn about Thanksgiving finger foods with help from an author and accomplished magazine editor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Colleen Mullaney for and I have a great Thanksgiving finger food recipe to share with you today. It's super easy, delicious and a real crowd pleaser. We're going to take some frozen Phyllo dough dishes and they're premade. You can get them in the freezer section at any grocery store. So grab a box or two of those and then we're going to chop up and saute one apple and a half of a small onion. Now I've already done that here. You can use a red apple if you'd like but I love the citrus tang of the green apples so I always go for the green apples when I make this appetizer. So into the apples and onions we're going to add about a quarter cup of blue cheese and the blue cheese makes it nice and creamy and I bet if you used pears as well it would be fantastic. Any kind of Autumnal fruit with the blue cheese is just so good. Now to this mixture we're going to add some chopped walnuts and you know I've just shelled some walnuts I've had at home. I'm just going to chop them finely. I just chopped a bunch here. I'm going to toss them in. I do about a quarter cup of the chopped walnuts and you're going to mix that up really well until the blue cheese starts melting a little bit and becomes a little creamy. And now we're going to bring our little Phyllo dishes over here. Aren't they adorable? A little puff pastry, tartlet pans and I'm just going to do a big scoop into each tartlet pan, I mean just kind of load it up and you can just work it down with your fingers pushing the blue cheese and the walnuts until you get a nice mound and you're going to fill these up, put them in the oven, back 350 for about five to seven minutes until you see everything browning and maybe the blue cheese is really melting over the apples and just pull them out, severe them warm. What I like to do is garnish them up with a little bit of chives from my garden which I have here and you just chop up a little chive and throw it on top and you can even add a little for garnish. Oh how fancy. Your guests are going to be so impressed with you and these are so delicious. Thanks for watching. I'm Colleen Mullaney for


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